How To Make Use Of Branded Metal Straws

Branded Metal Straw Set
Branded Metal Straw Set

Branded metal straws are a flawless solution to plastic straws. In the UK 4.4 billion straws are estimated to be thrown away annually.

We at fullyeco are proud to announce our new branded metal straw set that is available to order now! It provides a great solution to plastic straws whilst also offering a way to demonstrate that your company is eco-aware.

Our metal straw set

The straw includes a cleaning brush and is packaged inside a canvas pouch to create a thoughtful gift set. The large printing area on the pouch is perfect for any kind of logo or campaign message.

We provide free artwork proofs so you know exactly how your set will look before ordering.

Branded Metal Straw
Branded Metal Straw
Plastic straws are set to be banned in the UK from April this year. Alternative options such as our branded metal straws are guaranteed to see lots of use from recipients and make for the perfect eco friendly corporate gift.

They are packaged in up to 400 pieces per box they are perfect for transporting to conferences and events.

Why use branded metal straws?
  • Demonstrate your green credentials
  • Perfect as a cost-effective gift
  • Reusable for long term use
  • Compact size for transporting to events
Why use branded metal straws
Why use branded metal straws
How to use branded metal straws in your next campaign
  • Hand them out at conferences
  • Gift them to your clients
  • Include them inside purchases

Branded metal straws will be appreciated as a gift by people of all ages and interests. With the impending ban on plastic straws they will soon be an essential item to carry around day-to-day. Our convenient canvas pouch makes this easy with the opportunity for your branding to be seen everyday.

What kind of artwork is required?

All printed products, including our metal straw set, require vectored artwork. This is artwork usually provided in either the formats .ai, .eps or .pdf. We print using Pantone colours to ensure that the finished product matches your company branding. If you do not have Pantone references for your artwork we can find a close match for your approval.

Cleaning your metal straws

Included in our set is a cleaning brush which can be used to clean your straw.

Consider our bamboo coffee cup

Branded Bamboo Coffee Mug
Branded Bamboo Coffee Mug

Why not take your campaign to the next level with our branded bamboo coffee cup? Available in a range of colours with a choice of printing either or below the band. It is made from bamboo fibre and PP.

Are promotional products worth it?

We think so. Here’s some stats from the BPMA:

  1. 96% of recipients said that promotional merchandise increases brand awareness
  2. 79% of recipients are more likely to do business with the company
  3. 83% of recipients remember the brand for 12 months+

Do you have any further questions that you would like answered? At fullyeco we  offer all kinds of eco promotional products and will be more than happy to assist you with any queries you have. Get in contact with us now!