Promotional Bags – rPET & Eco Options

Promotional bags are one of the most popular product categories and for good reason – they have a large printing area for getting your company message across. Here’s some bags that could work for your next campaign!

Recycled Tote Bag
Recycled Tote Bag

Recycled Cotton Tote Bag

This product is made from recycled cotton t-shirts blended with recycled plastic bottles for extra structure. Available in 3 colours and with a large A4 printing area, it is becoming more popular as conscious brands make the switch to eco. The material provides a subtle but noticeable way to stand out from other bags and provides a more premium look.

Printed Drawstring Bag
Printed Drawstring Bag

Classic Cotton Drawstring Bag

Printed drawstring bags are great for carrying everything from notes to gym bottles. Our cotton drawstring bag is made from lightweight 5oz cotton, so is a great option for carrying giveaway products at trade shows.

Canvas Branded Bag
Canvas Branded Bag

Canvas Laptop Bag

Leave an impression that won’t be forgotten with our printed canvas laptop bag. It is made of a new trendy 16oz canvas cotton material and is a great alternative to more harmful materials. We can brand it with your logo so your clients never forget your company.

Did you know? Our cotton is sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable.

Durable Promotional Tote Bag
Durable Promotional Tote Bag

Durable Tote Bag 10oz

If you are looking for a bag that can handle a little more than the average promotional bag, our durable tote bag could be the one for you. It includes a gusset which allows it to store more items and the 10oz material is a heavier cotton compared to the industry average 3oz.

Classic Jute Bag
Classic Jute Bag

Classic Jute Bag

All colour printing makes our jute bag stand out anywhere. If you have a complex design with lots of colours, this is the one to use for your next campaign! The jute material is one of the strongest natural fibres available. We can provide mockups free of charge before order so you can see your designs come to life.

These are just some of the promotional bags we offer at fullyeco. Whether you are looking for cost-effective bags for your next, or bags for long term use; we’ve got you covered. Enquire on our website today and will match a bag to your needs.

We don’t just do bags! From trade show giveaways to corporate gifts, we sell all types of eco promotional products.

10 Eco Friendly Corporate Gifts For You

Corporate gifts have always been a great way to leave a favorable impression on your clients. Want to get ahead of the curve and showcase your green credentials? Here’s 10 eco friendly corporate gifts from fullyeco promotional products for you.

Toiletry Bag - Eco Friendly Corporate Gift
Toiletry Bag – Eco Friendly Corporate Gift

1. Natural Toiletry Bag

First up is our branded natural toiletry bag. Made from the natural materials cork and organic canvas, it makes for a great green gift. It can be printed either on the cork (pictured) or the fabric which creates the perfect backdrop for your logo.

Notebook - Eco Friendly Corporate Gift
Notebook – Eco Friendly Corporate Gift

2. Recycled A6 Notebook

If you are looking for a more traditional gift, the printed recycled A6 notebook is a great option. It takes a traditional product and gives it an eco makeover. Made from recycled materials with 80 sheets of paper as standard. Brand the cover of the notebook with your logo and give it an eco image.

The fast 5 delivery makes this product a great option if you are looking for an eco friendly corporate gift with a fast turnaround.

Branded Metal Straws
Branded Metal Straws

3. Metal Straw Set

With the impending ban on plastic straws in the UK, branded metal straws are a practical corporate gift that is sure to receive a lot of use in the near future! It is also very cost-effective, available from just £1.21/unit. It includes a cleaning brush and is packaged inside a canvas pouch which has a large printing area for your logo.

Reusable Bamboo Coffee Cup
Reusable Bamboo Coffee Cup

4. Bamboo Thermo Cup

As most coffee shops now offer incentives for bringing a reusable cup, our bamboo thermo cup is another product with highly practical use. Available in a range of colours and with a large printing area, it can be customised exactly to your branding. This eco friendly corporate gift is made from bamboo fibre and PP.

Umbrella - Eco Friendly Corporate Gift
Umbrella – Eco Friendly Corporate Gift

5. Recycled Umbrella

Perfect for the notorious British weather, our recycled umbrella is available in 3 trendy colours with printing on one panel as standard. It is made from recycled PET (plastic bottles) and has a fast delivery time of 7 working days for all quantities!

Drink Stirrer - Eco Friendly Corporate Gift
Drink Stirrer – Eco Friendly Corporate Gift

6. Recycled Drink Stirrer

Available from £0.38/unit, our recycled drink stirrer is an extremely cost-effective eco friendly corporate gift. With 8 colours to choose from, there is sure to be a style that matches your branding. If not, custom colours are possible with higher quantities!

Recycled Fridge Magnet
Recycled Fridge Magnet

7. Recycled Fridge Magnet

Continuing with the cost-effective theme, our recycled fridge magnet is also available in 8 colours as standard. With printing across almost the entire item, it creates the perfect canvas for your marketing message. Give a practical recycled item that is sure to be kept.

Vacuum Bottle - Eco Friendly Corporate Gift
Vacuum Bottle – Eco Friendly Corporate Gift

8. Pro Vacuum Bottle

A truly premium corporate gift, our pro vacuum bottle is powder coated in a choice of 10 colours and can be printed or laser engraved. This item will make the receiver feel very special and is almost guaranteed to get lots of use.

It keeps drinks hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours. The 500ml capacity makes it perfect for the morning commute.

Printed Bamboo Sunglasses
Printed Bamboo Sunglasses

9. Bamboo Sunglasses

Perfect for the upcoming warmer months, our bamboo sunglasses are printed in up to 5 colours on one arm as standard. Optionally we can also print on both arms if you have multiple messages that you would like to get across to your clients. Our sunglasses are not only a sleek gift, but they also have UV 400 protection.

Bamboo Powerbank
Bamboo Powerbank

10. Bamboo Powerbank

Not to be mistaken for a chopping board, our new bamboo powerbank is a seriously minimalist product that is sure to leave an impression on your clients! It includes a large printing area over the surface of the product which is perfect for branding.

Did you see what you are looking for? Why not browse our full range of eco friendly corporate gifts as we have plenty more options to choose from. If there is something else you have in mind, get in contact with us and we will be more than happy to assist.

How To Make Use Of Branded Metal Straws

Branded Metal Straw Set
Branded Metal Straw Set

Branded metal straws are a flawless solution to plastic straws. In the UK 4.4 billion straws are estimated to be thrown away annually.

We at fullyeco are proud to announce our new branded metal straw set that is available to order now! It provides a great solution to plastic straws whilst also offering a way to demonstrate that your company is eco-aware.

Our metal straw set

The straw includes a cleaning brush and is packaged inside a canvas pouch to create a thoughtful gift set. The large printing area on the pouch is perfect for any kind of logo or campaign message.

We provide free artwork proofs so you know exactly how your set will look before ordering.

Branded Metal Straw
Branded Metal Straw
Plastic straws are set to be banned in the UK from April this year. Alternative options such as our branded metal straws are guaranteed to see lots of use from recipients and make for the perfect eco friendly corporate gift.

They are packaged in up to 400 pieces per box they are perfect for transporting to conferences and events.

Why use branded metal straws?
  • Demonstrate your green credentials
  • Perfect as a cost-effective gift
  • Reusable for long term use
  • Compact size for transporting to events
Why use branded metal straws
Why use branded metal straws
How to use branded metal straws in your next campaign
  • Hand them out at conferences
  • Gift them to your clients
  • Include them inside purchases

Branded metal straws will be appreciated as a gift by people of all ages and interests. With the impending ban on plastic straws they will soon be an essential item to carry around day-to-day. Our convenient canvas pouch makes this easy with the opportunity for your branding to be seen everyday.

What kind of artwork is required?

All printed products, including our metal straw set, require vectored artwork. This is artwork usually provided in either the formats .ai, .eps or .pdf. We print using Pantone colours to ensure that the finished product matches your company branding. If you do not have Pantone references for your artwork we can find a close match for your approval.

Cleaning your metal straws

Included in our set is a cleaning brush which can be used to clean your straw.

Consider our bamboo coffee cup

Branded Bamboo Coffee Mug
Branded Bamboo Coffee Mug

Why not take your campaign to the next level with our branded bamboo coffee cup? Available in a range of colours with a choice of printing either or below the band. It is made from bamboo fibre and PP.

Are promotional products worth it?

We think so. Here’s some stats from the BPMA:

  1. 96% of recipients said that promotional merchandise increases brand awareness
  2. 79% of recipients are more likely to do business with the company
  3. 83% of recipients remember the brand for 12 months+

Do you have any further questions that you would like answered? At fullyeco we  offer all kinds of eco promotional products and will be more than happy to assist you with any queries you have. Get in contact with us now!


Printed Eco Friendly Cup – New Wheat Straw

Looking to replace your plastic cups with something a little more eco-friendly? We’ve got you covered. Our new Printed Eco Friendly Cup is available now. What makes it stand out, and why should you use it to achieve your marketing goals?

Black Custom Printed Cup
Black Custom Printed Cup

Made from wheat straw material mixed with PP, it is new to our catalog for 2020. Perfect for getting your company seen over the backdrop of 5 colour options. Whether its for use in a nightclub or an upcoming conference, this product is great for a wide range of uses.

Green Custom Branded Cup
Green Custom Branded Cup
With 430ml capacity it is a practical promotional product that is sure to be treasured and used often by the receiver. If you are looking to get a message across we can print on both sides. This is perfect as you can put your logo on one side and a campaign message on the other!

Blue Wheat Straw Cup
Blue Wheat Straw Cup

Occasions perfect for the printed eco friendly cup

  • Trade Shows
    • Give away a practical item that will be treasured and used often by the receiver. 120 cups go into each box so it is easy to transport to events and conferences!
  • Drinks Venues
    • Do you currently use plastic cups in your venue? Why not make the eco-friendly switch and showcase your green credentials.
    • 5 day delivery for those last-minute arrangements
  • Conferences
    • A cost-effective way to raise brand awareness with a useful product. Starting at £1.06/unit +VAT, our customised wheat straw cup not only looks good but it won’t break the bank!
  • Office use
    • Kit your staff out with a product that is going to see lots of use and promote a sustainable image within your company.

Why not use as a one-stop shop for everything for your next event? Check out our full range of eco-friendly promotional products here. From a print proof to a general enquiry, we will be more than happy to assist with any questions you may have!

Eco Promotional Products: Which are best for you?

Eco promotional products are quickly becoming the go-to option when purchasing printed items. They provide the opportunity to showcase your green credentials and avoid creating even more plastic landfill. But which are best for you?

Printed Bamboo Sunglasses

Eco Friendly Trade Show Giveaways

There’s lots of eco-friendly alternatives to traditional giveaways often present at trade shows and conferences. Popular giveaway products such as coasters and badges have alternatives made from recycled plastic. Here at fullyeco we have a vast range available, including:

  • Recycled Fridge Magnets
  • Bamboo Sunglasses
  • Recycled Lanyards
  • Wheatcycled Pens
  • Recycled Badges

These products are great for when you are looking for a low-cost product, with most coming in at around £1-£2/unit including print and delivery. A perfect way to raise brand awareness and reach your marketing goals on a tighter budget than other marketing methods.

Interested in viewing our full range of giveaway gifts? Our promotional gifts contain lots of options for your next campaign.

Printed Bamboo Mug

Eco Friendly Promotional Products

Promotional products help to ensure that your business is remembered at events and conferences. From tote bags to pens, there’s plenty of options for raising brand awareness. Our best selling eco promotional products consists of more eco-friendly alternatives to traditional products, and could provide some inspiration for you:

  • Bamboo Coffee Mug
  • Alaska Eco Ballpen
  • Recycled Ice Scraper Card
  • Pro Vacuum Bottle
  • Contour Eco Ballpen
  • Recycled Lanyard
  • Square Recycled Coaster
  • Bamboo Sunglasses
  • Recycled Pin Badge
  • Bamboo Lunchbox

All of these products are great options for your next promotional activity. However, each has different strengths. If you are looking to showcase a new campaign with lots of logos and artwork, a tote bag would be perfect as it has a large print are and is sure to be recognised. Looking for a product that could be used and treasured for years? The Bamboo Coffee Mug is a great option. It comes in a range of colours and can be printed with a range of colours. Coffee chains often offer incentives for bringing your own reusable cup, so it is sure to be used often by the receiver.

We can provide advice on the best products for your goals, simply get in touch with us and our experts will provide advice and free artwork mock-ups for you.

Printed Vacuum Bottle

Eco Friendly Company Gifts

Aiming to leave a lasting impression on your new client? Remind someone how important they are to your business? Printed gifts with your company logo are a great option.

Printed drinks bottles are a popular option as there are very premium options which are still much more cost-effective than other gifts. For example, our Pro Vacuum Bottle starts at around £6.79/unit (including delivery) whilst a consumer version of this style bottle can range all the way up to £25. This bottle is sure to make the receiver feel important to you. Available in a choice of 10 powder coated colours with the option of printing or laser engraving, you can create a bottle which is unique to your brand.

Looking for something a little more unique? Our Bamboo Sunglasses are a great choice for the warmer months! They can be branded on either arm and really look the part. Great for getting your brand seen in a very creative way which is sure to get lots of use during the summer.

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What is rPET Material?


What is rPET material?

rPET material is a polyester fabric which is made from recycled plastic. 

How is rPET made?

  1. Plastic bottles are collected
  2. The bottles are cleaned
  3. They are then shredded into pellets
  4. The pellets are crushed and melted 
  5. The resulting melted plastic is spun into thread
  6. Which is then made into products such as our bags

Is rPET sustainable?

Recycling plastics helps to decrease the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills. Plastics in landfills take thousands of years to break down and can leak toxic chemicals into the earth. These chemicals make their way into groundwater reserves, endangering both humans and animals. 

Not only does recycling provide a better option than landfill, it also greatly reduces our resource extraction. Over 60% of first-time rPET production is used to create polyester textiles. By using rPET that has already been in circulation, we’re offsetting the amount of new rPET that needs to be created. 

While rPET isn’t a perfect solution and it doesn’t solve the fact that once plastic is made it is here for a long time, it does find a new life for already-made products. Companies including Coca-Cola recently unveiled their first ever sample bottle made from 25% PET marine plastic. From 2020, Coca-Cola plans to roll out this recycled plastic in some of its bottles

rPET Promotional Products

We have a range of rPET products at fullyeco for all your promotional needs:

  • Backpacks
  • Laptop Bags
  • Drawstring Bags

We have all kinds of branded products including drinkware, bags, trade show products and much more.